Ayurveda in daily life

category : Ayurveda   |   Author: Admin   |   Apr 01, 2020

Ayurveda, the way of living a healthy life combining body, mind, and soul with nature. The population of people who are accepting Ayurveda as a part of lifestyle is increasing nowadays due to a lack of side effects. The resources used for Ayurveda tr...

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Ayurvedic herbs for your daily life

category : Ayurveda   |   Author: Admin   |   Jan 01, 2020

Herbs have a significant role in ancient Ayurveda. Herbs have healing properties and are used as part in most of the Ayurveda medicines. The healing agents in the herbs helps us to lead a healthy lifestyle. We can see a lot of herbs in our surroundin...

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Ayurvedic treatment for back pain

category : Ayurveda   |   Author: Admin   |   May 12, 2020

Back pain is a very common health issue that is found in 90% of the world population. Chronic back pain will affect one's personal, social and professional life. Normal life will become difficult. Even walking, driving and sitting becomes an issue in...

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Diabetes and Ayurveda Treatment

category : Ayurveda   |   Author: Admin   |   May 12, 2020

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease in which the body cannot make proper use of glucose and leads to a condition of high blood sugar(hyperglycemia). There is another condition called glycosuria that is the excess amount of glucose in uri...

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