Podikizhi is also known as ‘Churna Swedam 'and medicated powders are the main ingredient of this treatment. Herbs are dried and powdered to make the ‘kizhi’. Depending on the kind of treatment, herbal powders are fried in different herbal oils and then tied into the ‘bolus’(kizhi). In the next step, the kizhi is dipped into hot oil, and then rubbed on the body. Kottam chukkadi churna, gruhadhumadhi churna, ellumnishadi choorna, jatamayadi churna, rasnadi churna, nagaradi churna, and dashanga churna are the main herbal powders used for the treatment. It is an effective treatment for soreness, swelling and sprain in body muscles. Iobility, stiffness, pain and numbness in the joints of arms, neck, lower back and hips can be cured.

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