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Dr. Menon’s Madhava Ayurveda Hospital, the renowned name in Ayurveda treatment and has a tradition of 89 years. We represent Ayurveda in its true form since it was established in 1931. The founder of Dr. Menon’s Madhava Ayurveda Hospital is Madhava Vaidyar, who was famous for Ayurveda treatment and humanity towards fellow beings. The hospital has a rich heritage of three generations and the current backbone of the hospital is Dr. G K Menon and his wife, Geetha Menon.

The proficient knowledge and healing techniques are handed over to generations to provide the best treatment for the patients. Dr. Menon’s Madhava Ayurveda Hospital provides all kinds of treatments like kizhi, pizhichil, dhara etc and treatment for many lifestyle diseases like stress, obesity, vatha diseases, diabetes, etc.


Three main programs available in Dr. Menon’s Madhava Ayurveda Hospital

  1. Wellness programs
    • Stress relieving
    • Sleep problems
    • Rejuvenation/anti-aging
    • Detoxification/immunity boosting
  2. Care programs
    • Preventive
    • Anti natal/post pregnancy care
    • Postnatal care
    • Diabetes
    • Elderly care
    • Stroke rehabilitation
    • Pain management
    • Post chemo care
    • infertility
  3. Curative
    • Obesity
    • Lifestyle disorders
    • Back pain
    • Disc complaints
    • Arthritis
    • Neck pain/cervical spondylosis
    • Parkinsons
    • Skin diseases
    • Knee pain
    • Gynecological disorders

We also provide special packages for weight reduction, stress management, and post-pregnancy care.


Dr. G K Menon BAMS (Ayurvedacharya)

Dr. G K Menon s/o Dr. AGS Menon and Dr. Remani Menon (Retd. Chief medical officer, Govt Ayurveda Hospital Kerala) after excelling in his school studies joined BAMS to continue his family tradition. As he is hailing from a traditional ayurvedic family, his passion also was Ayurveda and health care. He is the chief physician and managing director of Dr. Menon’s Madhava Ayurveda Hospital and has an experience of 26 years. His immense knowledge in Ayurveda improved the name of the hospital which was founded in 1931.

Dr. Geetha G Menon (BAMS, MSc Yoga)

Dr. Geetha G Menon, wife of Dr. G K Menon holds degrees in BAMS and Msc Yoga and has an experience of over 24 years in various disciplines of Ayurveda. She is specialized in gynecological complaints, prenatal and postnatal care combined with yoga therapy, arthritis, and neurological disorders.


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