Weight Reduction Program

Vata, pitha, and kapha doshas along with poor dietary choices and lack of exercise are the reasons for gaining weight. The condition gets worse when proper medication is not taken to control your weight. The imbalance in ‘kapha’ results in weight gain and obesity, specific treatment like massage and steam along with oral medication, diet and exercise is required to control obesity. Yoga, Pranayamam, medication, etc are also important in controlling weight. Swedana and Abhyanga are the main part of obesity treatment. Swedana removes toxins from the body and Abhyanga rejuvenates the body through proper hot oil massage. Kizhi, elakizhi, udwarthanam and pizhichil are also incorporated in weight loss treatment. The treatment will help to balance the hormones produced in the body. The body tissues will be rejuvenated. Yoga and meditation practice in the daily routine will improve cardio-respiratory activity and catabolic metabolism.

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