Ayurveda Yoga Curative Treatment Packages

Apart from Rejuvenative Ayurveda packages, Dr. Menon’s Madhava Ayurveda hospital offers several customized curative Ayurveda treatments for persons suffering from specific ailments. Ayurveda can be effective for several chronic ailments like musculoskeletal diseases, low back pain, knee-neck pains, arthritis, stress related diseases, obesity, gynaecological skin ailments and neurological diseases, pregnancy and postnatal care.

The price of the curative Ayurveda treatment packages in kerala would decide on the treatments. Most persons would need more than one treatment per day. Hance we cannot quote one fixed price for the curative treatments. However we shall quote a price band for such treatments. The guests shall be informed about the treatment plans and about the probable pricing and any doubts they may have shall be cleared. The duration of such treatments may vary from two to four weeks and it would have to decided by the Ayurveda physician.  

Postnatal 15 days/21 days Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments for back pain/neck pain/knee pain
Ayurvedic treatments for women
Ayurvedic treatments for weight loss
Ayurvedic treatments for stress management
Ayurvedic treatments for immuno modulation
Panchakarma treatments

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